My BabiesRUs Shopping Trip!

There is currently a $5 ALL Clearance Sale going on at BabiesRUs. While I was there this weekend doing some birthday shopping for my babe I stopped by to see what they had. To my surprise they actually had a good selection from 0-3mo up to 4T. I picked up a couple of things for Chloe. Here is what I found:

Oh, and before you look through the pics, Chloe wasn’t in the picture taking mood that day, she thought it was funny to run away from the camera as I took pictures lol

I fell in love with the ¬†first look, a bohemian looking skirt it was from $14.99 to $5.00 and the top was also originally $14.99 marked down to $5.00. The Carter’s PJ’s in the second pic were marked down from $20.00 to $5.00. The dress in the third pic was too big for Chloe to model, but I also thought it was a great buy for next summer from $14.99 to $5.00. There were also a couple of swimsuits and accessories for $5.00 and a couple of tops for $3.60!

I ended up paying $23.60 for 5 items saving 69% on my total!

Let us know what great deals you found!

Since my baby has such messy hair in these pics I feel the need to show you a picture of the very next day getting her first haircut. *Proud mama moment #378*


$5 Clearance at BabiesRUs

ALL Clearance clothing and shoes are $5 or less! For a limited time, in store only.